Climate Change. Health Care. Voting Integrity. Net Neutrality. Gun Control.

Future MN’s mission is to focus the political conversation and agenda in Minnesota ahead of the 2018 election to include these issues that are critically important to the state and its residents.

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Our Mission

Future MN is working to ensure the discussion—in the public, in the parties, and in the media—ahead of the critical midterm elections will include issues vital to a healthy future for Minnesota.

We also want to advance pragmatic solutions to those issues and support agendas that will work towards those solutions.

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Issues in the News

MN’s GOP-Lead Safety Committee Blocks Basic Gun Control Measures

“Unlike other states, Minnesota is not likely to pass any new gun laws. In the Republican-led Minnesota House and Senate, there are currently 26 separate bills pending that restrict guns and gun violence — 21 of them introduced after the Florida school shooting last month. The bills range from gun violence protective orders (HF1605/SF1262) to …

Minnesota Medical Association Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

“The Minnesota Medical Association, the largest physicians’ organization in Minnesota is calling for a ban on “assault weapons” or semiautomatic weapons. Following the school massacre in Florida last month where 17 students and educators were killed, the group says there’s no time for inaction and that gun violence has become a public health crisis. . . …

MN GOP Reps Copy Bills for Medicaid Work Requirements

“House Speaker Kurt Daudt joined Rep. Kelly Fenton, R-Woodbury, in sponsoring a bill that would impose work requirements for those receiving public health care assistance who are not the sole caregiver for a child nor someone with disabilities. They believe the requirements will boost the number of people participating in the state’s workforce. Similar legislation …

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