Climate Change. Health Care. Voting Integrity. Net Neutrality. Gun Control.

While much of the campaign rhetoric and coverage often skips over these critically important issues to Minnesota, Future MN’s mission is to focus the political conversation and agenda ahead of the 2018 election.

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Our Mission

Future MN is working to ensure the discussion—in the public, in the parties, and in the media—ahead of the critical midterm elections will include issues vital to a healthy future for Minnesota.

We also want to advance pragmatic solutions to those issues and support agendas that will work towards those solutions.

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Issues in the News

To Curb Rising Health Insurance Costs, Some States Try ‘Reinsurance Pools’

“A couple of years ago, the health insurance exchange in Minnesota – MNsure – was in deep trouble. Health insurance premiums for individual policies had shot up by as much as 67 percent, among the steepest increases in the country.  Insurers were abandoning the market, leaving 116,000 Minnesotans with scant choices. The Minnesota Legislature offered …

MN Republicans Push Health Care Co’s to Post Commonly Billed Services

Minnesota lawmakers are proposing new requirements for health care providers to share with patients their prices on common procedures. Under legislation moving through the state Senate, providers would have to post the prices for their 25-most commonly billed services at their clinic and on their websites. Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Chaska, said during a news conference …

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