Sen. Warren Limmer’s Refuses to Discuss Gun Control at MN Capitol

“Here’s why Limmer matters to a group of students who would probably rather not have spent the day with him. Limmer is the chair of the Senate Judiciary’s public safety committee. When it comes to public safety — and in this case, gun control — what goes before the Senate and when and how is his call. That’s why Groven and company picked him. They needed to get his attention.

But few have been able to get Limmer’s attention on gun control these days. Not even his fellow legislators.

They’ve proposed a slew of gun bills on everything from universal background checks to bans on bump stocks and military-grade weapons. They’ve proposed raising the purchase age of certain weapons to 21 and allowing families or police to petition a court to temporarily take away guns from people considered dangerous.

But thus far, Limmer has refused to allow hearings on any gun control matter, defying clear public sentiment. He’s not just blocking legislation. He’s refusing to even allow the issue to be discussed.” ~City Pages, April 3rd

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