MN Republicans Push Health Care Co’s to Post Commonly Billed Services

Minnesota lawmakers are proposing new requirements for health care providers to share with patients their prices on common procedures.

Under legislation moving through the state Senate, providers would have to post the prices for their 25-most commonly billed services at their clinic and on their websites.

Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Chaska, said during a news conference Thursday that gag clauses in contracts and rigid regulations are keeping patients in the dark. Jensen, a physician, said pricing transparency can lead to larger improvements in health care.

“Currently we don’t have a patient-centered free marketplace, because we’re not giving it a chance,” Jensen said. “How can you ask people to be responsible in terms of how they use their health care dollars, how they steward their resources, if we won’t tell them what the price is? It makes no sense.” ~MPR, April 7th

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