MN’s Community Clinics Cut & Close Without Federal Funds

“In a letter to Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation, Gov. Mark Dayton wrote that the uncertainty is “wreaking havoc,” adding that “no Minnesotan should experience an interruption in their care as a result of a partisan disagreement.”

Moss and managers at her St. Paul clinic point out that it’s not just patients that will be affected. If community health care centers close, many patients will turn to already crowded local emergency rooms.” ~WCCO on Fed cuts on Community Clinics

MN Reps Cosponsor Net Neutrality Bill

“Five of them have publicly come out as cosponsors, all DFLers: Tim Walz, Betty McColllum, Keith Ellison, Collin Peterson and Rick Nolan.

Critics – such as Doyle and his 81 cosponsors – say the elimination of these open internet rules favors telecom companies and hurts consumers.

Citing “overwhelming” public support for net neutrality (which polls such as this one back up), Doyle said: “I’m confident that if there’s enough public pressure, Congress will overturn the FCC’s order killing net neutrality.” ~GoMN recaps MN Rep response to the repeal of Net Neutrality

MN Sues White House for Blocking Health Care Funding

“New York and Minnesota have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the Trump administration from cutting off federal funding for state programs that provide healthcare to hundreds of thousands of low-income people. . . New York and Minnesota are the only states that operate so-called Basic Health Programs, a type of health insurance plan for low-income residents authorized by the law, according to Schneiderman’s statement.” ~Reuters

This lawsuit illustrates the importance of state-focused discussions on healthcare.