Students + Some Lawmakers Support Gun Control in Town Hall For Our Lives

“The call for gun reform went on at town hall meetings across Minnesota Saturday.

There were town halls hosted in St. Paul, Brooklyn Park and Sunfish Lake.

The room inside St. Anne’s Episcopal Church was packed with students and community members, ready to let their voices be heard on gun reform.

“It’s raising awareness to our politicians that we aren’t quitting and that we want to open this dialogue up,” Henry Sibley senior Devin Bauert said.

The town hall featured several lawmakers including Sen. Matt Klein, Sen. Jim Carlson and Congressional candidate Angie Craig.

The student group MNeverAgain, which organized the town hall, said they had invited representatives Regina Barr and Jason Lewis but they did not attend.” ~WCCO, April 7th

Sen. Warren Limmer’s Refuses to Discuss Gun Control at MN Capitol

“Here’s why Limmer matters to a group of students who would probably rather not have spent the day with him. Limmer is the chair of the Senate Judiciary’s public safety committee. When it comes to public safety — and in this case, gun control — what goes before the Senate and when and how is his call. That’s why Groven and company picked him. They needed to get his attention.

But few have been able to get Limmer’s attention on gun control these days. Not even his fellow legislators.

They’ve proposed a slew of gun bills on everything from universal background checks to bans on bump stocks and military-grade weapons. They’ve proposed raising the purchase age of certain weapons to 21 and allowing families or police to petition a court to temporarily take away guns from people considered dangerous.

But thus far, Limmer has refused to allow hearings on any gun control matter, defying clear public sentiment. He’s not just blocking legislation. He’s refusing to even allow the issue to be discussed.” ~City Pages, April 3rd

MN House GOP Mark $0 of $50m School Safety Plan for Gun Control

“In response to Thursday’s announcement by Republican house members, House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman released the following statement: ‘Republicans are doing nothing on gun violence prevention. Minnesotans have a right to safe movie theaters, safe churches, safe college campuses and safe schools, and they won’t get that unless we address gun violence.'” ~PiPress, April 1st

MN’s GOP-Lead Safety Committee Blocks Basic Gun Control Measures

“Unlike other states, Minnesota is not likely to pass any new gun laws. In the Republican-led Minnesota House and Senate, there are currently 26 separate bills pending that restrict guns and gun violence — 21 of them introduced after the Florida school shooting last month.

The bills range from gun violence protective orders (HF1605/SF1262) to universal background checks (HF1661/SF1261) to a ban on bump stocks (HF2781/SF2601) and assault-style weapons (HF3022).

Only two of the 26 gun bills at the capitol even got a hearing — one for universal background checks and one for gun violence protective orders. They were voted down — twice.

That’s despite 85 percent of Americans who favor stricter gun laws, according to a recent CBS News Poll. That poll also found 87 percent favor better mental health screening, 75 percent favor tougher background checks, 56 percent favor a bump stock ban and 53 percent agree with a ban on assault weapons.” ~Reality Check, WCCO, March 21st

Minnesota Medical Association Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

“The Minnesota Medical Association, the largest physicians’ organization in Minnesota is calling for a ban on “assault weapons” or semiautomatic weapons. Following the school massacre in Florida last month where 17 students and educators were killed, the group says there’s no time for inaction and that gun violence has become a public health crisis. . .

Gun violence and firearm-related accidents kill more than 30,000 Americans each year. In Minnesota, there were more than 400 firearm-related deaths in 2016. The doctors are calling for a “renewal and strengthening” of the assault weapons ban, including the high-capacity magazines guns like the ones used in the Parkland high school shooting, and the Las Vegas concert massacre that claimed 58 lives.” ~KTTC, March 8th

Minnesota Students Demand Gun Control Reforms

“At least 21 threats have been made against Minnesota schools in the last three weeks, resulting in recent lockdowns and school closures at Minneapolis’ Patrick Henry High School, schools in the Cambridge-Isanti Public Schools and Orono Public Schools districts.

While these responses have helped curb any fatalities from occurring, Minnesota schools are not immune to gun violence. In 2005, a shooting at Red Lake Senior High School claimed 10 lives. And two years before that, in Cold Spring, a Rocori High School student shot and killed two of his peers at school. ” ~Minnpost, March 8th